List of Services

Urmila Marriage Hall is an excellent choice for entertaining your selected guests for all your special events. We specialize in Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Reception, Anniversary, Corporate Meetings, Social Events & All the Special Occasions. The exquisite interior has high ceilings, separate areas for each important part of our event, separate area for wedding ceremony, a bridal and is subtly decorated giving each space a comfortable and airy atmosphere.

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This is an ideal place for wedding as it has one beautiful Rooms for stay, and lot of open space for mandap, reception stage, catering, car parking etc. It also provides required facilities/services directly or indirectly through various associated vendors.This property is also available for pre/post marriage functions/party. Lot of people also prefers for accommodation before/ after marriage, specially NRI and outstation persons.Well-known decorators (lighting, furniture, flower etc.) & caterers are also associated with us to provide one point facility and support. You may select any of them directly after thorough evaluation. However, there is no restriction on caterers & you may bring your own caterer depending on your choice.We have also contacts of other associates who provide services like - photography, make-up & car/ transport etc


This property is ideal for indoor & outdoor party (particularly party with Roof Top Kitchen) This is also suitable for special occasions like engagement, birthday party, Rice ceremony /Annaprasan etc. Location-wise this property is situated almost situated centrally & connected with all directions through air, bus, car, train .

Corporate Functions/ Business Seminars

Private events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients or stakeholders. These events can be for large audiences such as conventions and conferences, or smaller events. Discover Best Banquet Hall for Corporate Events in Dhanbad which comprises of two halls. You can opt for any of them depending upon their capacity, The location is counted among the topmost favorable locations by the Dhanbadites, spacious parking, best hospitality & management